Kitchen Sooda

BOILING CRAB is super overrated.
Personally, I don't even know why people rave about going to that spot  Koreatown, Los Angeles. I definitely have tried many other Cajun spots, such as Holy Crab... and many others that closed down, but Kitchen Sooda has definitely been one of my top 3. 

Going with a larger group gives more advantages because you can order more food - FAMILY STYLE. 

We started off with some Cajun Fries. This is a must when you go to a Cajun style restaurant. 

Excuse our mess already, we were pretty darn hungry.

Then our Entree's slowly came one by one... and here comes my food baby.

The Uni Pasta was made from butter and garlic, and 3 pieces of Uni. What I really enjoyed about this dish was that the sauce wasn't so creamy which makes it heavy! The dish was relatively fresh, which took me by surprise. 

I bet you are wondering - what is this madness?! This dish, ladies and gentlemen, it is called "Cheese Bul-Ddak". It is a popular dish in Korean bars. It is one of Korea's favorite bar food - you can enjoy it with Soju and Beer. Basically, it is Spicy Marinated Chicken with slices of Rice Cakes and you dip it in the cheese as it slowly melts. (#CHEESEPORN) Kitchen Sooda brought their own style of the Bul-Ddak to the table. As you can see, Chef Karen included some Tater Tots on the bottom for that crunchiness. WHO DOESN'T LOVE TATER TOTS?

You guys know if you go to a restaurant like this, ordering seafood is a MUST. For one person, 1pound of Shrimp is usually enough. There are other seafood options as well: Clams, Mussels, or Snow Crabs. From top to bottom are the Mussels, Shrimp, and a dozen Oysters. I have to stress that fresh seafood is KEY to a successful restaurant. Compared to Boiling Crab, their sauce is way less buttery and oily. I did not feel gross and gassy after I finished a pound of shrimp! I only compare Kitchen Sooda to Boiilng Crab, because many of you guys know what kind of food Boiling Crab serves! Their spice level ranges from Normal, Medium, Hot, Hot-Spicy. I like my food spicy, and the "Hot" did justice. Thankfully, my shrimp wasn't overcooked or undercooked. The Oysters were on Happy Hour price - $1 for 1 Oyster! Not bad at all. 

I am a HUGE fan of wings. Everything on our table had spice, so in order to balance it out, we ordered some Lemon Jalepeno Pepper Wings. We did not regret  this decision because the wings were FIRE. The breading of the wings were extremely crispy, thick, but soft - it melted in your mouth. This is all because Chef Karen used beer batter for her fried foods, which truly does make a difference. 

From what I know, Koreatown, Los Angeles, does not offer too many Cajun Seafood restaurants. Kitchen Sooda is one of my favorite spots that I have been going to for past few months. I do recommend this place if you enjoy eating this style food! Here are more information to the restaurant!