Kato Restaurant

 I was blown away by Kato Restaurant's beautiful presentation and the freshness of the dishes. I was able to take part of Chef Jon Yao's 5 Course Tasting Menu for $49, along with other supplements. Kato is located in Sawtelle, in the corner of a plaza that can be easily missed, so make sure you look out for it well! 

1st Course: 
Tomato, Avocado, Thai Basil and Shrimp Oil

I enjoyed how the course started off with a light and delicate dish. This plate was very refreshing for my palate, and was quickly finished! Even though it was a simple dish, you can tell how much effort they put in by the details of the plate. 

2nd Course: 
Scallop, Grapefruit, and Meyer Lemon Ponzu

I was very surprised with the combination of grapefruit and the scallops! At first glance, I thought the grapefruit was pickled ginger, but I took a bite and realized it was grapefruit from tanginess. The simplicity of this dish was very clean and minimalistic. 

3rd Course: 
Smoked Hamachi, Cucumber, and Charred Scallion Sauce

The Hamachi was definitely my favorite one out of the 5 course tasting! Hamachi is also known as Yellowtail and it is my go-to sashimi! I couldn't easily put my fork into this dish because it was so pretty, but I eventually made my way and took a bite and it was simply delicious. All the components played its parts and the flower decor visually made the dish pop more. 

4th Course: 
Cod, Lovage and Clam Sauce

I have to say, the Cod was also one of my favorite dish. For those who does not know what Lovage is, it is a type of herb which as a rich and moist texture when cooked. Honestly, I have never seen it on my food before, and I thought it was pretty amazing to see it! The Cod was extremely tender, it melted like butter. The clam sauce wasn't sweet, but it had this irresistible flavor which went along well with the Cod. The plate was a little bit oily for my preference, but I still enjoyed it. 

5th Course: 
Seafood Porridge with Crab, Uni and Dried Scallops

Generally, I am not a fan of Uni because of it's texture, but you still need to try it if you are a foodie! The porridge was a tad bit on the watery side. My other friends did enjoy this porridge, but just because I'm not too crazy about Uni, I couldn't finish this dish! But, my friends were really pleased with the porridge.

Pork Belly Rice  with Soy Egg

Thumbs up for the #eggporn lovers out there! This Pork Belly rice is a traditional Taiwanese dish - I really did wish I had Srircha Sauce with me... But this was really fantastic. I did wish the Soy Egg was hot rather than being cold! 

Grilled Cheese (Brioche, Burrata, Truffle)

Oh man! This Grilled Cheese took to another level with the Burrata Cheese with Brioche buns. I thought the choice of cheese was perfect for the Grilled Cheese concept because of its soft texture. It did have a very strong smell though. I didn't really get a hint of Truffle in my sandwich but overall, I liked the idea very much. 

Chef Yao definitely used ingredients that I never thought would be put together! The presentation of the dishes were astonishing. I definitely can't wait to go back and try different items on the menu.